For our 3rd edition, we have chosen cutting-edge themes that will shape the future of businesses. Here is an overview of the key topics we will cover:

How can the government support VSMB to be more innovative?

Explore the mechanisms implemented to support SMEs by promoting innovation, streamlining administrative procedures, and providing incentives to stimulate entrepreneurial creativity.

How can leading companies inspire and support Moroccan VSMB?

Discover how large enterprises can play a driving role by inspiring SMEs, sharing their expertise, and facilitating partnerships to stimulate the growth and development of small businesses.

What is the Leader/Entrepreneur 3.0, free, and high-performing in the digital age?

Explore the concept of the Leader/Entrepreneur 3.0, who embraces the freedom of innovation in the digital age, utilizes technologies to optimize performance, and adapts to the constant changes in the business environment.

How to succeed in alliances/synergy between VSMB and startups?

Discover the keys to success in establishing fruitful alliances between SMEs and startups, leveraging the complementary strengths of each party to foster growth and innovation.

The Digital Maturity of VSMB: The Starting Point for a Successful Digital Transformation

Explore how the digital maturity of VSMB is crucial for a successful digital transformation, with a focus on strategic planning and the gradual adoption of technologies.

The Human Factor: What Training, What Expertise, What Management for a Digital Nation?

Discover the importance of training, skills, and appropriate leadership to support the transition towards a 'Digital Nation' where human talent is at the core of digital success.

Technology as a Performance Lever for VSMB / Connectivity as a Key Success Factor

Explore how technology can enhance SME performance, with a focus on connectivity and digital solutions to strengthen competitiveness in the market.

Go Further and Increase Productivity with AI

Discover how AI and automation are transforming business processes, optimizing operations, and opening new opportunities for innovation.

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