Digital Now

December 20, 2023

Keynote : Morocco, DIGITAL NATION 
Panel 1 : How can the government support SMEs to be more innovative?
Panel 2 : How can leading companies inspire and support Moroccan VSMB?
Panel 3 : What is the Leader/Entrepreneur 3.0, free, and effective in the digital age?
Panel 4 : How to succeed in alliances/SYNERGIES between VSMB and startups?

21 Décembre 2023

Keynote : The Digital Transformation of VSMB : A Survival Challenge (Nasser Kettani)
Panel 5 : The Digital Maturity of VSMB : The Starting Point for a Successful Digital Transformation
Panel 6 : The Human Factor: What Training, What Expertise, What Management for a Digital Nation?
Panel 7 : Technology as a Performance Driver for VSMB / Connectivity as a Key Success Factor (Tools for a Successful Digital Transformation)
Panel 8 : Go Further and Boost Productivity with AI


Roadmap and Recommendations for Becoming a High-Performing, Independent, and Innovative Entrepreneur.